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Date: Friday 1st until Sunday 3rd of July 2022


You are welcome at Papendal on Friday July 1st from 12:00 PM. The first training starts at 14:00 PM. On Sunday, July 3rd, the summer camp will close around 1:00 PM.


Guest Instructors: Shihan Felix Ntumazah & Sensei Darren Stringer


Accommodation: Papendal Papendallaan 3, 6816 VD Arnhem, The Netherlands


Registration: The summer camp is open to all IFK members and the minimum age is 12 years old. The costs of the summer camp are €215.00. To register, please contact IFK Netherlands and make a deposit of € 75.00 like explained below.


Step-by-step plan for registration:

1. Contact IFK Netherlands by mailing to roelnoordman@gmail.com

2. To register, deposit €75.00 to the NKA. IBAN number: NL53INGB0000628596

3. With this deposit, mention with the deposit: Summer camp, your name, country, dojo, gender and whether you are vegetarian

4. The remaining amount of € 140.00 euros has to be paid four weeks in advance of the camp to the same


Note: There are only a limited number of places available! So register in time!


Packing list: What should you bring to summer camp?


Exoneration Form (Registration Form, to be downloaded from this website)

Small Sports Bag

Gi 1x

Toiletry bag

Gi (old one that can get dirty) 1x



Tape, plasters etc.

Shin guards and gloves

Water bottle

Chest protection (women) / groin protection (men) Garbage bags / plastic bags Mouthguard Training clothes Bandana/Headwear (no cap) Slippers Medicines


For other questions, you can contact IFK Netherlands.